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Willow Glen - Landscape conversion rebate program
As featured on abc7 news (watch the video)

We transformed a water-thirsty front yard into a sustainable landscape, and improved both its curb-appeal and functionality. 


The existing lawn was replaced by drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants that will provide interest all year round.

Wood-chips will prevent weeds growth and help retain water.


A Japanese maple was added as a focal point and to provide some shade to the house.


The cracked driveway was replaced; a path was added to connect the driveway to the backyard entrance and to enjoy strolling between the new planting; the existing path from the backyard to the street was replaced to match the new style.

As the Clients preferred a modern style to match the new backyard, the fence was replaced by panels with horizontal slats and stained in a natural color; concrete in simple geometric shapes, and pebbles were used for the driveway and the new paths; natural stone replaced the red bricks on the porch' floor.  


Leveraging our experience with the Santa Clara Water District's Landscape Conversion Rebate Program, we were able to ensure that the Clients could take advantage of the financial incentives.


We achieved this by replacing the lawn with low water plants, chosen within an approved list, and meeting the required percentage of plant coverage of the converted area, all the while achieving a visually attractive layout.


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