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Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is completely free and non-binding. 

It gives the clients the opportunity to look at my portfolio and ask all the questions they may have and me the opportunity to assess the site, get an idea of what they are looking for, what their budget is and explain how I work. 

The initial consultation is followed up by a Project Proposal that outlines my approach to the project together with a breakdown of fees and conditions of business.

residential landscape design, consultation

Here are the steps a standard design service may take:

residential landscape design, survey
1. Site survey and analysis

The site is measured and details of all existing features are recorded - structures, hardscape, trees, plants, lawns and water features. A plan 'to scale' of the garden is drawn and notes are made of information such as soil Ph, orientation of the garden, climate, soil type etc.

This will be essential in the planning of the new garden. 

2. Client's brief meeting

I will meet the client to discuss their requirements.

We will go through how the client would like to use the space, who is going to use it and how often. We will talk about the client's preferences in style and materials both for hardscape and soft-scape; who is going to maintain the garden, if it needs to be low maintenance, water-wise, pet friendly, and so on.

residential landscape design
3. Design draft version

Based on the requirements discussed during the client's brief meeting and the data collected during the site survey and analysis, a draft version of the new design is developed. 

The client is presented with a plan to scale of the design. Depending on the situation, visual tools, such as photos of plants and/or features, sketches, elevations or 3D views, may be used to help the client visualize the new design.

Extra design services such as the compilation of a Site survey and analysis report or the production of extra drawings can be agreed during either the initial consultation or the client's brief meeting.

residential landscape design, 3d rendering
4. Development of final design

Based on the client's review of the Design draft version, the final Conceptual Design is produced. This is presented as a plan 'to scale' and a minimum of two 3D views.

residential landscape design, planting plan
5. Development of Planting Plan and Plant Schedule

The final design includes the Planting Plan. This is a drawing plan that acts as a 'map' indicating the exact location of the plants in the garden and their quantity. The plants are drawn to scale. 

The Planting Plan is accompanied by the Plant Schedule. This is basically the 'plant shopping list' and will be used by whomever is going to source and supply the plants. It lists, for each plant, the quantity, the required size at point of purchase, the plant description.

6. Final meeting with Client

The final Conceptual Design drawing with minimum two 3D views, the Planting Plan and the Plant Schedule are delivered to the client.

On-site consultation during construction

I would be available on-site during this phase of the project to make sure the construction meets the design intent. 

residential landscape design, on-site consultation
Plants selection

The Plant Schedule, a list of all the plants specified in the design, is already provided as part of the design service. I would be available to help in selecting the specific plants at the nursery instead of doing it yourself or having your contractor do it. 

residential landscape design, plants selection
On-site consultation during plant installation

I would be available on-site during this phase of the project to make sure the implementation adheres to the design and to consult on the proper soil preparation.

residential landscape design, planting consultation
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