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Willow Glen modern backyard


The Clients’ goal was to transform their un-inspiring, sun-baked backyard into a beautiful, and functional space that could be used by the whole family to relax, play, dine and entertain.


A wooden deck, sheltered from the sun by a pergola, was added to provide a space for dining; the pergola continues along the house to screen the bedrooms from the morning sun.

A low concrete wall along the end of the deck provides extra seating. Next to it is a sandbox for the Client’s toddler to play.

The wooden sandbox will be converted to planting bed once the boy grows up.


A seating area linked to the deck, provides room for entertaining and relaxing.


A wooden raised bed in the sunniest part of the garden will be dedicated to growing vegetables.


Two purple-leaf plums will provide extra shade, while two citrus trees were added for their fruits.


The rest of the planting is made up of California natives and other Mediterranean plants that are low water and low maintenance.

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