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Herbs garden in Mountain View, CA

The main Client's requirement was to divide the backyard into different areas from where she could enjoy the garden in different ways.
With that in mind, a seating area was created in the sunniest part of the garden; another one under the shade of the porch; and a more informal one under the trees, in the shade; a dining area with room for a dining table, chairs and a portable BBQ extends from the existing patio near the house.

The Client is a keen cook; an herb garden was a ‘must have’ for her.
Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, sage and oregano grow in the sun right next to a circular seating area where the water trickling down a stone fountain attracts birds and has a relaxing and cooling effect. In the coolest days or at night, the garden can still be enjoyed once the fire-pit is on.

Natural stone has replaced the existing concrete patio and continues into the seating and dining areas; then it becomes stepping-stones in a split path that leads from the dining area to the more shaded part of the yard; this has been improved by new plants and wood chips mulch. This area could be used for sitting too.

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