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Succulents garden in Sunnyvale, CA

Succulents are a great option when thinking about saving water in these times of drought.

The Client didn't like the ice plant (Aptenia cordifolia) that covered the ground around the sago palm (Cycas revoluta) in the small area right next to the sidewalk; despite a partial replacement with succulents, the area still lacked a cohesive design. 

We chose to add beautiful-looking boulders, that also allowed us to raise the ground providing more interest and better drainage for the succulents.

After preparing the soil with cactus mix, we installed some new plants. To keep costs low, we mostly used cuttings taken from plants that the Client already had or donated by friends.

Stones of different colors and sizes were used as mulch. Around the cuttings we used a smaller size rock to enable the succulents to spread more easily and eventually cover the whole area. For the rest we used 3/4 inch rocks and lava rocks to prevent the growth of weeds and help retain water.    

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