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Hot tub in Sunnyvale, CA

The Clients felt they were not making good use of the outdoor space they had available; except for the spacious slate tiles patio, the backyard was covered in lawn and used sparsely, except for the hammock between the citrus trees.

We designed a pergola in the corner near the citrus trees which will eventually  be covered by a flowering vine creating a cosy sitting area and a quiet spot for reading and relaxing.

Part of the lawn area has been transformed in a more enclosed space featuring a hot tub surrounded by a redwood deck suitable for relaxing or entertaining.  
The black bamboo (Phyllostachys Nigra) that was taking over the patio was moved to the spa area to provide a privacy screen.

An extra plant bed was added to separate the patio from the lawn and natural stone stepping-stones now lead from the patio to a pebbled area under the citrus trees.

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