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Wildlife-friendly front yard in Sunnyvale, CA

The owners of this Eichler home were unhappy about  their water-starved lawn: they dreamed of a lush and colorful front yard that would attract native bees, butterflies and birds; and look attractive all year round.

To achieve their dream we have chosen a mixture of drought-tolerant evergreen shrubs and perennials native to California.

The shrubs provide structure and year-round interest to the design but also nesting; cover; and food for birds.

The perennials add color and attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds; some are hosting plants for caterpillars; while other are nectar plants.


A path of natural stone allows the visitor to meander through the plants and observe the wildlife while a thick layer of wood chips mulch helps retain water and prevents weeds growth.


By designing it in line with water-saving principles, the Clients were able to take advantage of the Landscape Conversion Rebate program offered by the Santa Clara Water District.

To satisfy the Rebate rules, the plants were chosen within a list provided and the percentage of plant coverage of the converted area was calculated and taken into account.

Our experience with the Program, means that our plans and list of plants could be provided in the format suitable to obtain the Rebate approval.

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