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Dog-friendly in Milpitas, CA

The clients wished to introduce into their garden a modern look; more in harmony with the house interior decor; introducing geometric forms and materials like wood, concrete and metal in visually interesting combinations.


From a functional point of view, the main goal of the design was to create a dog-friendly area where the client's two small dogs could run around and play during play-dates.

The dog’s parents also needed an area from where they could watch the dogs while relaxing and entertaining.

The above was achieved transforming a sloping weedy area on the kitchen side and back of the house:

- An artificial lawn now gives the dogs plenty of room to run around safely.

- A new concrete retaining wall is planted with California natives and other Mediterranean low maintenance, drought-tolerant    plants that provide interest all year round.

- The retaining wall makes the view from the kitchen window much more pleasant and prevents the dogs from damaging the    plants.

- A wooden gate keeps the dogs safe in their own space.


- A wooden deck with seating is the perfect spot to enjoy  the view of the existing pool too.

- Over the deck, a wooden pergola provides protection from strong afternoon sun.

- The addition of lighting and the client’s fire-pit table make it possible to use the deck at night too.

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