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Drought-tolerant front yard in Sunnyvale, CA

With no signs of the drought relenting, the Clients wished to reduce their water consumption by replacing their front yard lawn with drought-tolerant plants; further, replacing water-wasting sprinklers with a dripping irrigation system is a great way to improve sustainability in our gardens.

By doing so, we enabled the Clients to also take advantage of the Landscape Conversion Rebate program offered by the Santa Clara Water District.
The planting is a mixture of low maintenance, drought-tolerant plants, either California natives or other plants suitable to our Mediterranean climate. Wood-chips prevent weeds growth and help retain water.

To satisfy the Rebate rules, the plants were chosen within a list provided and the percentage of plant coverage of the converted area was calculated and taken into account.
Our experience with the Program, means that our plans and list of plants could be provided in the format suitable to obtain the Rebate approval.

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