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Los Gatos backyard - minimalist with Zen garden

The clients aimed for a simple, calm space where they could both relax and meditate, or entertain friends and family.

The small Zen garden includes a stone water-feature producing a soothing sound and sight. It is surrounded by smooth pebbles and fine gravel that symbolize water and can be carefully raked into patterns to create 'waves'.

Larger stones in beautiful warm, golden hues represent mountains.

The view of the Zen garden can be enjoyed from the patio attached to the house; the seating area (the bench will be built in a second phase of the project); and indoors, through the large glass panels.

The grass will provide a comfortable space for children to play.

The plants are low-water and low-maintenance and provide interest all year round.

Once mature they will soften the hardscape and create a green screen to cover the fence.

Also the planting palette has been kept to a minimum to maintain a quiet and calm feeling in keeping with the Zen garden.

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